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Pokémon Go leak shows off new Pokémon, including one we’ve all been waiting for

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Several elusive Pokémon have been found within Pokémon Go’s code, with all of them shown off last night as part of a live stream reveal. These sprites include the obvious, like legendaries that Niantic has promised are on the way, as well as some especially well-hidden ones.

The list of Pokémon discovered by Charles, whose gained renown both on Reddit’s The Silph Road and the game’data-mining communities, doesn’t run long, but his stream showed off each model of the uncovered Pokémon, from original versions to shiny ones.

Certain third-generation monsters, like Nincada and its two evolutions, have been left out of the wild since the Hoenn region’s Pokémon began to appear in the game last year. In the case of Nincada, it’s possible that its highly specific evolutionary forms kept Niantic from implementing it alongside most other third-generation Pokémon. Nincada’s evolution Shedinja, for example, is only obtainable in the mainline games if players evolve Nincada while having an empty space in their party; it’s essentially a useless husk of a Pokémon.

Meanwhile, Smeargle has been the longest second-gen, nonlegendary holdout. Perhaps its odd moveset — it can only use the attack Sketch, which copies the previous Pokémon’s move and is therefore tough to use in Pokémon Go’s battle system — kept it back from release. Coupled with the upcoming addition of the mythical ’mon Celebi, players will soon be able to complete their entire Johto region Pokédex.

Other rare monsters include Jirachi, the tiny, adorable mythical Pokémon that premiered in generation three, and Deoxys, whose multiple forms allow it to straddle high defense and offense. Each of the four Deoxys forms has been found within the game’s data, although it’s unclear if players will have to obtain them all separately.

The graphic below, created by Reddit user JANKA_lml, shows all of the findings:

Pokémon Go Fest 2018 runs July 13-14, so it’s not far off to suggest that some of this special Pokémon may make their debut appearance during the outdoor event. We’ll keep you posted from Chicago this weekend; until then, celebrate the fact that your Pokédexes are that much closer to completion.

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