Tokyo Ghoul’ Season 3 Delayed And Live-Action Movie

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Fans of the hit dark fantasy series Tokyo Ghoul have to wait a bit longer for a new season. News broke out that the third season would not be coming soon due to the lack of source material. While the release date for the anime has fallen behind the live-action movie adaptation is in full swing.


With an intended summer 2017 release date the movie will get priority above the anime series. This delay is partly due to the manga not having enough content to produce a third season. While the news may be maddening and some might think it’s better to produce an original season. Many anime fans did love the manga adaptation, albeit the series did take a different route. As a result, it would be better to wait for new manga material.

Tokyo Ghoul:re manga

While the end of Tokyo Ghoul √A left fans with many questions the storyline for the upcoming season is still unknown.  But, the chances are that it would focus on Touka Kirishima’s background story. Yet, many reports are suggesting that the new season would concentrate on Haise “The Black Reaper” Sasaki. Before But, before Haise, there was Kaneki whose life changed when after meeting a female ghoul.


While the news may disappoint fans, there is good news on the horizon. A live-action movie adaptation will be hitting Japanese theatres in 2017. The official website revealed that production had cast Masataka Kubota from the live-action Death Note in the leading role of Ken Kaneki. Whereas Fumika Shimizu from live-action My Neighbor Seki will play the heroine Touka Kirishima.

Tokyo Ghoul live-action movie actors

Slated to direct the film is Kentaro Hagiwara who is best known for winning the 2013 Sundance/NHK International Filmmaker Award. For now, the studio has not released any details on the movie. But, we do know that filming is scheduled from July to September with Summer 2017 release date.

Although fans of the anime have to wait for some time for the third season, Sui Ishida’s manga Tokyo Ghoul:re is still ongoing. The dark fantasy manga has spawned two anime series, several OVA’s, a play adaptation, and numerous video games.

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