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Hey everyone! In this post, I want to talk about One Piece Chapter 897 which will be out in a couple of days. Event though the spoilers aren’t out yet, I thought I would share my thoughts on the next chapter of One Piece with you guys. So let’s begin. As you all know, One Piece Chapter 896 marked the end to a legendary battle between Monkey D Luffy, and Charlotte Katakuri.

One Piece Chapter 897Both fought with every bit of power they had, and in the end the fight ended in draw, which is how I saw it. But, anyway, Luffy got what he wanted. He was able to match Katakuri, and even awaken future sight Observation Haki.

That’s what his goal was from the beginning. Luffy’s progress has been really unbelievable, but some of it felt rushed in my opinion. In any case, the hardest part comes next. Luffy has to escape the Mirror world now, and for that, he has the help of Nazomuzu on his side. We will definitely see Pekoms in action in the next chapter, and with Luffy, he will finally face the Big Mom Pirates. However, I think Sanji will be the one to save them. There is also a chance that we will get to see Pekoms using Sulong in One Piece Chapter 897. Even if it doesn’t, I feel like Pekoms being there means we’ll see him do something useful.

The Strawhats are also close to Cacao Island now. They’ll be there soon, and Sanji will bring Luffy to the Sunny. I think Sanji will be the focus of the next chapter. We might also see what actually happened between Pudding and Sanji. I think Whole Cake Island is pretty close to its end, and all there is left is for the Strawhats to make their escape. The Vinsmokes might come into action in the next chapter, but don’t get your hopes too high. I hope Oda brings the into the scene, and I think they’ll take on Smoothie’s fleet while the Strawhats make their escape.

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