New Character Will Be Revealed In One Piece

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As the Thousand Sunny approaches Wano Country, Luffy and his group are informed of the Reverie through the newspaper, which brings back memories to the crew particularly Sanji and Chopper. They suddenly notice an unusual weather disturbance in their direction, followed by an octopus on their ship as well as a school of huge carp on their side. The crew gets separated after a bumpy ride across a river, a waterfall, and a whirlpool.

Luffy wakes up on a beach with the Sunny washed up on its side and wonders where everyone went. He then encounters a komainu and a huge baboon with a katana, which leads him to confirm that this is indeed Wano Country.

In chapter 912 One Piece – new characters will be revealed! In One Piece Jump, new puzzle was revealed and it is said that the answer will be revealed in chapter 912! This theory is about this. I hope you will enjoy!


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