‘My Hero Academia’ Tries on a ‘Dragon Ball’ Makeover

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My Hero Academia is known for its unique anime spin on Marvel and DC Comics lore, but the series is just as good at invoking connections to other anime series as well. Take this artwork from Volume 19 of the Boku No Hero Academia manga, which fans have dubbed as very Dragon Ball in style!

As is stated in the tweet from @BeerStix, this illustration by My Hero Academia creator Kōhei Horikoshi is very much in line with the style of Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama. What we’re seeing here is MHA’s protagonist, Izuku Midoriya hanging out with support star Mei Hatsume. Mei is one of the best and brightest young tinkerers around, and has recently helped Izuku upgrade the usage of his quirk in serious ways.

The connection to Dragon Ball obviously comes from the fact that this image of Izuku and Mei invokes the timeless image of Goku and Bulma riding Capsule Corp bikes. Check out that image below:

Goku Bulma Capsule Corp Bikes

Right now, My Hero Academia manga is in the midst of the “Pro Hero Arc”, which sees Endeavor step into the role of the No. 1 Pro Hero following All Might’s retirement after the Kamino Raid operation. As Endeavor tries to rise to the mantle of the “Symbol of Peace”, a new villain threat appears in the form of intelligent Nomus, who quickly put Endeavor in their sights.

Meanwhile, the My Hero Academia anime has just finished the big “Hideout Raid Arc” that saw All Might retire after he used up the last of his quirk to defeat his nemesis, All For One. While the character of Mei Hatsume has appeared in some of the subsequent manga story arcs following the Hideout Raid, anime fans haven’t seen much of her since her scene-stealing debut in season 2’s “Sports Festival Arc”. After a brief break, the anime will continue with the “Hero License Arc”, which will bring back Mei for her next anime appearance, to help Izuku and co. get some much-needed costume upgrades.

Catch new episodes of My Hero Academia streaming on Saturday mornings; however, there will be some brief breaks coming up, so be aware.

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