‘My Hero Academia’ Preview Introduces a Slew of New Heroes

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My Hero Academia is officially into its “Hero License Exam Arc,” and this latest episode saw Izuku Midoriya and his fellow member of Class 1-A practice signature moves and upgrade their costumes, in preparation for the government’s Hero License Exam test.

As you can see in the preview above, the episode of 53 of My Hero Academiaentitled “The Test”, will open up this world of heroes-in-training in a big way, by introducing a whole new slew of heroes!

We’ve already broken down who some of these new heroes will be – specifically, the students from U.A.’s hero school rivals:

  • Shiketsu High School – This school is U.A.’s big rival in terms of prestige and training. It is located in the West, while U.A. is the big school in the East. Shiketsu will be sending three second-year students (Nagamasa Mora, Seiji Shishkura, Camie Utsushimi) and an intense first-year student (Inasa Yoarashi) to the Hero License Exam.
  • Ketsubutsu Academy High School – This school apparently used to be a rival for U.A., and is likely looking to rise back to that prestigious level. Ketsubutsu is sending three second-year students (Yo Shindo, Tatami Nakagame, Shikkui Makabe) to compete in the Hero License Exam.
My Hero Academia Episode 53 New Heroes Schools

As you can see above, the students of Shiketsu and Ketsubutsu High Schools aren’t the only new heroes-in-training that we’re going to see: If a photo is worth a thousand words, the one above is worth a thousand heroes!

There will be a big twist in the government’s Provisional Hero License Exam this year since, after the disastrous raids on U.A.’s school and summer training camp by the League of Villains, the government is tightening the restrictions on its exam criteria. That means that of all the many characters gathered in this photo, only a handful will be walking away with provisional licenses – meaning that Izuku and Class 1-A are facing their most challenging series of tests and opponents, yet!

Catch new episodes of My Hero Academia streaming on Saturday mornings. The first My Hero Academia movie drops on August 3rd, after an early preview at San Diego Comic-Con 2018.
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