Fans Weigh In On One Controversial ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Dub Scene

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You don’t have to be part of the anime fandom for long to learn about its dub v sub-factions. A small sector of the fandom isn’t afraid to fight over their version of dialogue, and that debate is rearing its head in the Dragon Ball fandom over some doughnuts.

Yes, doughnuts. You heard that right, and you can blame Hit for the big to-do.

For those unaware, Toonami aired its latest episode of Dragon Ball Super, and the update has fans freaking out. Not only did it leave off with Goku dead, but it featured a now controversial scene with Hit.

As you can see above, Goku ended up fighting Hit after the Universe 6 assassin came for him. The Saiya wanted to see how strong Hit really was, so he put out a hit on himself to lure Hit. So, when the assassin showed up before Goku, he prepared for battle with an odd line of dialogue.

In fact, Hit simply said it is “time to make the doughnuts” before charging at Goku, and fans are very split about the line. For sub purists, they are livid over the line because its western feel doesn’t line up with what Hit says in Japanese. However, there is a reason behind doughnuts line that lots of fans are defending.

Sure, the dialogue may seem out of place, but it is a direct reference to a Dragon Ball game. If you played Xenoverse 2, you will know Hit says that exact same line in English when players choose him on the select screen. In Japanese, Hit says it is “time to do my job”, but the dub version uses the colloquial dialogue about doughnuts instead. The line is an easter egg for gamers to enjoy, but its little-known history seems to have rubbed some the wrong way. As you can see below, there is plenty of debate going on about the line, and Hit has found himself in the middle of the growing fan-war.

How do you feel about this line? Do you think it’s really such a big deal? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

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