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Dragon Ball (ドラゴンボール Doragon Bōru) is an internationally popular media franchise. It consists primarily of a manga series created by Akira Toriyama in 1984, four anime series, nineteen animated feature films, an American live-action film, collectable card games and other collectable products, a large number of video games (still being produced), and action figures. Dragon Ball has an extensive online fanbase and is consistently one of the most frequently searched-for terms on Google, Yahoo!, and Lycos. As of January 2012, the franchise generated $5 billion in merchandise, Dragon Ball one of the most merchandisable anime based media franchises of all time.

The story and characters of Dragon Ball were partly inspired by the Chinese folk novel Journey to the West, though they diverge from the novel very quickly. The plot follows the adventures of the lead character Son Goku (based on the Monkey King of the folk legend, Sun Wukong) from his childhood through his adulthood. The story includes elements both of action and comedy, though the series became more action-oriented over time.

                                    Goku on ice planet in Dragon Ball Super movie

Fans will have to wait until December to find out. And thanks to Super‘s huge success in the West, the upcoming film will be released simultaneously worldwide. Toei also confirmed that, after the huge success of Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball FighterZ, fans can expect the new movie to cross over into the world of video games too.

The Dragon Ball Super sub wrapped up in March. So, for fans that are mourning the loss of their favourite show, these announcements have come at an opportune time. For those who missed it, the English dub is still airing on Funimation and Adult Swim. Fans can also watch the complete, subbed series on Crunchyroll right now.

Toei will drop the first full trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Broly during San Diego Comic-Con this month.

The 20th Dragon Ball movie will be the first movie branded under the Super series.



July 12, 2018
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