‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ Reveals Golden Cooler’s Big Transformation

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Dragon Ball Heroes is back with yet another episode, and it is a big one for Cooler. The promotional anime dropped its second episode earlier today, and fans were able to witness the birth of Golden Cooler as such.

So, it’s up to Freeza to find another transformation if he wants to one-up his brother.

Over in Japan, the annual Jump Carnival event held the debut of Dragon Ball Heroes’ second episode. The super-short clip has been passed to social media since, giving fans a chance to witness the fantastical story. So, it was not too surprising to see the Cooler power up into a brand-new form.

Towards the end of the new episode, fans watched as Cooler joined a battle with Goku and Vegeta. The baddie tentatively teamed up with the heroes in order to escape the Prison Planet, so Cooler was forced to fight Goku when the Saiyan went berserk.

At first, Cooler did fine against the raging Goku, but he decided he wanted some more power. It was then the baddie addressed Fu who was watching the battle from far away, and he said he would reach the level Freeza had.

“Fu, you said Freeza surpassed me by becoming Golden Freeza, right? But if my little brother can do something then so can I,” Cooler said.

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