‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ Reveals a Terrifying New Ki Power

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Dragon Ball Heroes episode 2 is now out, and it offered fans an exciting new chapter of the “Prison Planet Arc” by introducing “Evil Saiyan” character Kanba! In his first fight with Goku, Kanba revealed a terrifying new power – the ability to corrupt others with his dark ki!

Kanba appears on the battlefield where we left Goku, Vegeta and Future Mei, after they were introduced to Fu and his prison planet. When Goku powers up to Super Saiyan and attacks Kanba, his punch enters the Evil Saiyan’s aura, which then turns Goku’s own golden aura into the same dark red-and-black hue as Kanba. Goku then goes berserk, attacking his teammates until Trunks and Freeza’s brother, Golden Cooler, step in to handle the rampaging Goku. After a massive blast from Golden Cooler, Goku manages to get his head clear.

When Kanba finally shows off his real power after breaking loose of his restraints, Goku and Vegeta bring out he massive power-up of becoming Super Sayain Blue Vegito!

Kanba has quickly become a fan-fixation since debuting in this Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game and promo anime. The franchise has been somewhat starved for a new Saiyan villain character, and Kanba’s unique power set and fight style (his dark aura and “shadow hands”) have made him a point of intrigue for fans. Even thought this is just a promo anime short, it’s not actually that bad of an introduction to Kanba.

After this debut, there will no doubt be a question of whether or not Kanba should be made canon, which has become a major fan focus, ever since we learned the first Dragon Ball Super movie would be bringing Broly into canon. With Dragon Ball branching out in some significant ways right now, it seems like there’s plenty of room to expand the character roster, just in time to deliver a big, thrilling, Dragon Ball Super anime series.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly will be released in December. Dragon Ball Super airs its English Dubs Saturday nights on Cartoon Network’s Toonami. Dragon Ball Heroes is the new promotional anime series now streaming online in Japan.
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