6 Quirkiest ‘My Hero Academia’ Quirks

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The world of My Hero Academia is a weird one. 80% of the world’s population has a unique superpower, known as a Quirk. Some of them are transformation types, some are emitter types, and some are straight-up mutations. Naturally, with that many people and Quirk types, there are bound to be some quirkier than the rest. Here are six that we’ve seen in the anime.


Kyoka plugging her earphone jack into a wall to crack it.
Destroying walls is one of the more outlandish uses of Kyoka’s Quirk.

Kyoka Jiro’s Quirk, Earphone Jack, gets stranger the more you think about it. Instead of regular earlobes, she has long thin ones, with earphone jacks on the ends. Weirdly enough, Earphone Jack may be the most versatile of the Quirks in My Hero Academia.

Her earlobes work similarly to regular headphone cables. They can plug into surfaces and enable Kyoka to hear through them. She can use them to channel the vibrations of her heartbeat through surfaces, destroying them with the vibrations. Plus, Kyoka can plug the jacks into her boots and emit a blast of sound in a specific direction. On top of all that, they extend up to 6 metres, and she can control them, so they’ll never get tangled up.


Hanta’s tape is surprisingly effective in battle.

Continuing the theme of Quirks involving household objects is Tape, Hanta Sero’s Quirk. Essentially, his elbows are high-powered sticky tape dispensers. He can fire the tape out at high speed, it’s strong enough to support his weight, and it sticks to any surface, making it incredibly versatile.

Hanta uses it for mobility, for restraining enemies and, one can assume, for craft projects. Only in the world of My Hero Academia could a teenager armed with sticky tape end up at U.A. High School, the top Hero Academy in Japan.


Kosei using Solid Air against Bakugo during the Tournament.
Solid Air works well as a defensive Quirk in battle.

From Class 1-B comes Kosei Tsuburaba and his Quirk, Solid Air. The name is pretty self-explanatory — he’s able to breathe out and solidify the air around him.

He’s used this Quirk to form walls, platforms, and even encase enemies. The idea of air becoming a solid structure is weird in and of itself, but Solid Air is undeniably a useful Quirk.


Being able to control clothes is evidently way more useful than it looks on paper.

With the best sense of style out there, pro hero Best Jeanist has one of the quirkier Quirks in the series. It’s called Fiber Master, and it allows him free control over any textiles around him. As long as an enemy is wearing clothes, Best Jeanist can manipulate them by squeezing and restraining the fabrics. Naked enemies are a problem, though.

It’s such a strange Quirk because manipulating clothes is an atypical superpower. That being said, it works well enough for Best Jeanist that he’s the Number 3 Hero.


Principal Nezu drinking a cup of tea whilst piloting a giant robot.
Nezu is a mouse … bear … dog? Nobody really knows.

In the My Hero Academia universe, it’s next to impossible for an animal to develop a Quirk. Nezu, U.A.’s principal, is a rare example of it.

An animal of an unspecified species, Nezu’s Quirk is High Spec. It grants him intelligence above that of normal humans, and the ability to plan and execute complex strategies. I suppose that explains how he became principal.


Mineta demonstrating Pop Off to Izuku.
Those spheres are inexplicably unsettling.

Possibly the quirkiest Quirk of them all is Minoru Mineta’s Quirk, Pop Off. From his head grows sticky, purple spheres that he’s able to pull off and throw. They stick to any surface, and he’s able to bounce off them or use them to climb. When he pulls too many of the spheres off at once, he begins bleeding pretty heavily.

What are the spheres made of? Are they his hair? Why do they grow back? So many questions …

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